D&D 5E Forgotten Realms (And So It Begins....)

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The Histories

An odd group for a new age in Faerun. So much promise hidden in very rough packaging. Each with their own fears, aspirations, and motives. Yet, each quick to help a friend that none has known so very long. Do great things begin from such humble beginnings as escort for a simple cart of mining tools and supplies?

This simple group, unnamed and unknown, set forth from Neverwinter to aid a friend and find that friend more in need of their aid then before. Gundren Rockseeker, employer and friend, has been ambushed along with his traveling companion by Goblins along the Triboar Trail. Well_worn_trail_Conflict_.jpgThe group of Adventurers discovered this fact as the same Goblins attempted to ambush in the same location that Gundren was taken. A brief but vicious fight left five foul Goblins and one in flight up a hidden trail. The fighting prowess of the band demonstrated by a strangely calm Barbarian dwarf, a dark brooding human Wizard with a penchant for setting things afire, an odd human Monk with definitive hatred for goblinkind, a half-orc Rogue with quick daggers, a whip wielding wood elf fighter with a strong sense of morality, and a half-elf Bard seemingly more adept at insults than song.

After debating their course of action the group chose to follow the trail of the now fled goblin avoiding poorly constructed and hidden traps along the trail. At the end of the five mile trail the band discovered the entry to a cave and some inattentive goblins who paid for that inattentiveness. One sleeping spell later, two goblins lay dead and two became prisoners revealing some interesting information after a brief interrogation.

Goblins are not the smartest of races, but the party was able to determine that the Goblins of the Cragmaw tribe had indeed ambushed Gundren and his friend Sildar Haliwinter. The goblins named their leader Klarg, but also mentioned a “King Grol” and a “Cragmaw Castle”. It was also determined that Hallwinter is somewhere in the Cragmaw’s cave, but that Gundren was taken elsewhwere – likely to King Grol.

After a brief discussion the group chose to enter the cave to rescue Hallwinter should he still live and determine the whereabouts of Gundren. The monk called Strand had one of the goblin prisoners lead the way, at the tip of a spear, in an effort to ensure that the goblin was honest in his claims regarding traps. Shortly after entering the cave system a fight ensured with a number of forest wolves apparently enraged at the presence of the dwarf barbarian after a failed attempt by the party to distract the wolves with the corpse of a fallen goblin.

The Adventurers have withdrawn briefly to recover from their fight with the wolves and determine their next steps.


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