A journal of those beasts fair and foul that you have encountered in your travels:

- Goblin

A most foul and evil creature. Cowardly alone or in small numbers, but vicious in packs. Easily dominated by those stronger of their kind as well as others they are known to be subjugated by; they are the fodder of many a monstrous army. As prone to lie as to breathe the Goblin is not to be trusted to do anything but act in it’s own best interest. Nimble to accompany cowardice they are quick to flee when the tide of battle turns against them.

- Wolf


A creature of the wild and sometimes animal companion. These creatures are occasionally captured by goblinkind, orcs, and other of the evil humanoid races for sport, use as watch beasts and twisted for other purposes. Dangerous alone, but even more dangerous in packs the wolf hunts in these close knit groups to bring down prey both large and small. They possess a keen sense of hearing and smell.


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