D&D 5E Forgotten Realms (And So It Begins....)

Kiran's Journal
Day 1

I found a way out of town today when Gundren dropped by looking for some help with a shipment. I don’t think he knows my father, so it should be safe enough. He’s got a few ragamuffins signed on already, though I’ve met a few around town. I was going to talk to Drygol about a job I’ve been working on anyway, so maybe this will be a decent way to get introduced. The others don’t seem very impressive…although I’m proof that looks can be deceiving. Either way, it’ll be easier to slip out of the gates on the back of Gundren’s wagon than my previous plan. Reminder: Bring some coin to bribe the guards if they make a fuss.

We passed through the gates without incident. I’ll have to keep tabs on Gundren. People seem to trust him. They didn’t even inspect the wagon! The next time I need to slip in or out quietly, this will do wonders. Gundren and his friend Sildar had to leave early to take care of some business, so it’s just the hirelings now. I’ve had a chance to relax now that I don’t feel like there’s a dagger in my back all the time, and I’ve had a chance to size up the rest of this group.

There’s a Half-Elf named Elward who seems like my kind of fellow. He’s halfway decent at chess, and I didn’t have to cheat to make the game exciting. I may not play for money next time though. There’s no reason to bet if it’s not a sure thing. Gambling aside, Elward has the bearing of bard and he seems to understand the cant when I tested it out. He definitely seems to be a potential hire for that other thing.

As expected, Drygol has the skills of the trade. He’s got the smell of the streets about him and a hungry look in his eye. He hasn’t been in town long enough to make a lot of contacts, but I can help fix that. He was not very good at chess. I definitely have a place for someone with skills that I can beat at chess. I’ll try to recruit him after this job is over.

If there’s one guy who gives me the creeps, it’s Strand. He’s too neat. Too clean. He also appears to have something against Drygol. I suspect he’s had problems with an orc in the past. Either way, he seems like a bow that’s strung a bit too tight, and I don’t want to be around when he snaps. That said, he’s light on his feet and seems to have a lax sense of morality. He may be a good fit for my crew.

Speaking of snapping, have you met Jadar? He seems like a typical wood elf, but he’s got all the signs of being into some really dark stuff. His main weapon is a whip! If not for the over zealous hero act, I’d have taken him for the most deranged of the group. Still, regardless of what he says, I’ve seen fury in his eyes already…and that was just over an insult on someone else on the way out of town. I’ll have to make sure he doesn’t hear about the job.

The last person in the group seems awfully irritable too, though I suppose that’s to be expected of a Dwarven barbarian. Still, there’s something off with this one. He stomps around during the day, and spends his nights flailing even more loudly. He’s been asking some pretty odd questions around town – odd enough to be mentioned in casual conversation over dice. My job needs muscle, but I’m not sure he’s a good fit.

We see two dead horses in the road ahead, have to go!

We were attacked by some goblins, and it looks like Gundren and Sildar were taken. These appear to be their horses. As expected, Jadar is taking control. He seems to think it obvious that we’d march off after Gundren and Sildar. Nobody’s even considered the obvious plan B: continue on and sell the wagon and its goods. We were paid to guard the wagon, not mount a rescue. Regardless, I’ve decided just to go along since the rest of the party seems to agree with Jadar. I want to keep these guys standing for now, and I have to consider how useful it will be to be owed a favor down the road. After seeing how easily Gundren moves about, I think it will be much more beneficial to have him around. It looks like they’ve finished moving the corpses out of the way. More later.

We’ve traveled through the woods, and found a goblin cave. We got the drop on the sentries at the door, thanks in no small part to my own prowess. Sleep was as effective as I anticipated it would be, and now we have two prisoners without letting them utter a single word. Unfortunately, we all found out that Jadar is something of a prude and Strand is as unhinged as I suspected. They had a very illuminating discussion regarding the treatment of goblin prisoners. I have to admit that I sided with Strand, but I think the nasty smile he had when he suggested slicing their throats was what lost the argument for him. It might have been the fact that the smile never reached his eyes…regardless, we’ve apparently now decided that a bound goblin has more rights than an unbound goblin. I hope Jadar doesn’t continue to sway the group, but at least he’s letting Strand use his spear to poke one of the little monsters into the cave ahead of us. We’ll have to come back for the other one.

Between the wails and the teeth gnashing, we were able to figure out that Gundren isn’t even here. We’re only likely to find his lackey in the cave. Gundren’s been trundled off to some sort of king. I couldn’t understand the goblin’s pronunciation of the name, but I’m sure Jadar picked up on it. That guy was treating the captive like he was his family lawyer, so maybe he has some background with its kind. I decided to suggest the obvious plan B this time around, but nobody was interested in rescuing Gundren and leaving Sildar to the goblins. I’m not used to being around people with a hero complex, but I’ve decided to just roll with it. Maybe we’ll find something of worth inside the cave that makes the trip worth it.

Apparently, goblins like to keep wolves as guard dogs. I had hoped to just pass them by, but they weren’t having any of that. They had to be put down. Interesting side note: starving wolves will eat goblin flesh. I wasn’t sure anything could get that hungry, but there it is. They are also flammable. I wasn’t surprised to set a tree on fire earlier, much to Jadar’s dismay, but a well-placed fire bolt is effective with a fur coat as well. Regardless, we’ve made it into the cave, though we haven’t entered as stealthily as I’m used to. I don’t hear any alarms as of yet, so perhaps there’s nothing to worry about. We’re taking a short rest before moving on, so I’ll be able to recover some of my power. We’re a little banged up, but based on what’s happened so far, I think we’ll be on our way to save Gundren before sundown.

From the Archives of He Who Watches
The Histories

An odd group for a new age in Faerun. So much promise hidden in very rough packaging. Each with their own fears, aspirations, and motives. Yet, each quick to help a friend that none has known so very long. Do great things begin from such humble beginnings as escort for a simple cart of mining tools and supplies?

This simple group, unnamed and unknown, set forth from Neverwinter to aid a friend and find that friend more in need of their aid then before. Gundren Rockseeker, employer and friend, has been ambushed along with his traveling companion by Goblins along the Triboar Trail. Well_worn_trail_Conflict_.jpgThe group of Adventurers discovered this fact as the same Goblins attempted to ambush in the same location that Gundren was taken. A brief but vicious fight left five foul Goblins and one in flight up a hidden trail. The fighting prowess of the band demonstrated by a strangely calm Barbarian dwarf, a dark brooding human Wizard with a penchant for setting things afire, an odd human Monk with definitive hatred for goblinkind, a half-orc Rogue with quick daggers, a whip wielding wood elf fighter with a strong sense of morality, and a half-elf Bard seemingly more adept at insults than song.

After debating their course of action the group chose to follow the trail of the now fled goblin avoiding poorly constructed and hidden traps along the trail. At the end of the five mile trail the band discovered the entry to a cave and some inattentive goblins who paid for that inattentiveness. One sleeping spell later, two goblins lay dead and two became prisoners revealing some interesting information after a brief interrogation.

Goblins are not the smartest of races, but the party was able to determine that the Goblins of the Cragmaw tribe had indeed ambushed Gundren and his friend Sildar Haliwinter. The goblins named their leader Klarg, but also mentioned a “King Grol” and a “Cragmaw Castle”. It was also determined that Hallwinter is somewhere in the Cragmaw’s cave, but that Gundren was taken elsewhwere – likely to King Grol.

After a brief discussion the group chose to enter the cave to rescue Hallwinter should he still live and determine the whereabouts of Gundren. The monk called Strand had one of the goblin prisoners lead the way, at the tip of a spear, in an effort to ensure that the goblin was honest in his claims regarding traps. Shortly after entering the cave system a fight ensured with a number of forest wolves apparently enraged at the presence of the dwarf barbarian after a failed attempt by the party to distract the wolves with the corpse of a fallen goblin.

The Adventurers have withdrawn briefly to recover from their fight with the wolves and determine their next steps.


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