Human Monk, ex-soldier


Tall for a human, keeps his gear neat and clean.


Strand started out as an infantryman and rose high in the ranks, becoming an officer in a brutal war against some local orc bands. The war worsened and devolved into strikes against civilian targets more than open warfare and Strand left, searching for a simpler existence free of bloodshed.

The discipline he learned in the army served him well as a monk and he felt more at peace in the monastery than he had ever felt before. Unfortunately, he wasn’t able to outrun the war he tried to leave behind and the monastery was destroyed by Strand’s old unit to keep its resources out of orc hands. The monks were expelled and camped nearby. When the orcs did comes, they slaughtered most of the monks, not wanting to leave a human group behind their lines. Strand killed a guard detail and led a few of his brethren to safety.

Strand now believes there is no peace for him and thinks himself a coward for leaving the army. He blames himself for the lost of the monastery and for not standing up to his unit.

He has picked up his spear again. There is no peace for a coward such as him but perhaps what remains of his life can bring peace to others.


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