Krolm Peacemaker

Dwarf Barbarian


Mountain Dwarf – Tall for a dwarf at 5’5" but with the same characteristic thickness. With his customary shaved and tattooed head and short beard some dwarfs that are used tot he underground may not approve of his appearance.

Black hair and dark eyes.


Krolm is a stoic barbarian from the mountains. He was given the name Peacemaker due to the fact that when he entered a conflict between clan mates the situation was resolved one way or the other quickly. He lives in a world where nature rules but also believes there must be a balance. Neither the cities of civilization or the insistent tools of nature must unbalance the world.

Lately, he has been having horrible dreams about a serious change in the balance of the region. He has come down from the mountain s to investigate these feelings.

Krolm Peacemaker

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