Wood Elf Fighter


Jadar was born and raised in the High Forest to the north east of Waterdeep. As a youth Jadar would spend his days tracking wildlife through the forest, learning to run like the deer as well as how to hide and stalk like the great cats. One day when returning home from a run, Jadar found his village under siege by a band of orcs. He tried to fight, to protect his people but he was quickly outnumbered and overwhelmed by the orcs. Taken as a slave by the orcs, Jadar toiled for 15 years in the orcish labor camps, waiting and watching for a moment to pounce like the great cats he used to watch daily. Finally an opportunity arose, Jadar caught the slave master off guard, took the slave master’s whip and strangled the orc with it.

With no home to return to, Jadar made his way towards Waterdeep in the hopes of finding a fresh start. Along the way Jadar happened upon a group of human soldiers under attack by orcs. In a rage, Jadar flew into action, still wielding the whip he had liberated from the slave master’s corpse. As dusk fell, the battle was won with Jadar standing with the humans against the orcs. Showing bravery, the soldiers invited Jadar to return with them to Waterdeep, to enlist. Jadar had found his fresh start, enlisting as a scout for the military.



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