Elward Carter (DanyBoy)

Half-Elf Bard Spy


“Please, call me Ed” said Carter, smiling as he offered the bottle of wine. “I’ve only just arrived in town, but something tells me I’m going to like it here. There’s so much lovely scenery!”

Carter wondered just how many times he’d had a variation on this same conversation over the years. Too many times. But he needed friends in this town, or something like a friend. He had coin for now, but it wouldn’t last long. It never did. That’s when you needed friends who could lend you a silver, a meal, a bed. Even their bed. It’s not like they need the whole thing for just one person.
And sometimes you needed to know the right people to make the right introductions. Knowing the right person, or the right thing about a person, could do a lot more than just cover your next meal. Carter had a certain talent for that, getting people to trust him, finding things out. It’s served him well over the years, keeping him well supplied with coin, drink and pleasant company anywhere he roamed.

Elward Carter (DanyBoy)

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