Drygol (Dryden)

Half-Orc Rogue


Neutral Half-Orc Rogue Urchin


Drygol never knew his parents, all he knew was the streets. He grew up as part of the Lower Dock Keepers street gang, kept mostly as a mascot and a tool of intimidation so that the other gangs would know that the LDK had an orc on their side. As he grew up and realized that he wanted to do more than stand around and scowl he began looking for work. A local ‘civilized’ kobold engineer took Drygol in as a part-apprentice, part-enforcer. She worked mostly for thieving groups in the town and the surrounding area, building traps for their hideouts. Drygol took a shine to this work and showed a knack for mechanical work. He also picked up a few tricks from the thieves they worked for, usually by watching more than everybody around him expected ‘just an orc’ to really see. A recent gang-war between two of her clients proved fatal for the old kobold (Slick’s group snuck in to Trollock’s hold and booby trapped their booby traps. The kobold was doing a tune-up and triggered the new traps).

Drygol left town, sad for the loss of one of his only consistent friends (even if the kobold never told him her name). He’s been in Neverwinter for a few weeks, making a few contacts, taking a few odd jobs, really looking for a way to make it in the world and get off of the streets.

Drygol (Dryden)

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